Make your own recipe

Last time we talked about choosing between the dark and light theme of our online event platform. It's a ready-made solution available for any event. But it's just the basics. When preparing an event, organizers can customize the color of each specific element, experiment, and if they don't like it, reset to default settings and try again.

This is the basic principle of our "box" - a standard yet capacious package of functionality that can be taken and customized to your tasks without the help of developers.

Each section of the event site follows the same logic: you can trust the classic  recipe, or you can take your own and work out everything in detail. #And the set of sections ("Program", "Speakers", "Photo Contest" and others) can be adjusted, removed and added new ones. It is especially important that this can be done in the process of broadcasting. For example, as a surprise to include in the event the passage of the quiz - it's like adding the missing spices to the dish. True quiz, of course, it is good to think through in advance.

What else can you quickly set up on DEEP Platform?

Algorithm and set of registration fields - how quickly participants can get on the platform
The content of the welcome screen - this is the first impression of your event, what the guest will see in the first seconds, which may affect his decision to stay until the end and actively participate. Now you can fill this tab with any materials - from text to video.
The ability to put the broadcast in a separate section - here we listened to our customers and implemented this request on the platform. #Although we still recommend you to combine the buttons "Watch broadcast" with the elements of the program in the "Program" section. This is especially important for multi-day events with several concurrent streams. This way, the participant first sees the information about which sessions are active and goes where he or she needs to go.

This is a minimal customization of the "box", which is quick and easy to make and with which you can experiment. If you have your own unique recipe, our digital culinary team will fulfill your order and tell you how to combine the "ingredients" in a winning way. Probably it will take a little longer to prepare the author's dish, but it will definitely turn out exquisite and delicious. And for other quick fixes, check out our article on force majeure.

Prepare for events with pleasure, your DEEP Platform team