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Surely everyone has heard of Clubhouse? It's just a February word! Going on any social media site, you can see some people asking, "Who has a Clubhouse Invite?" and others asking, "Who has a Clubhouse Invite?" Even if someone hasn't heard of it - they want to know about it.

Today we're featuring an audio post in Clubhouse format. And not just the format of the post itself, but the new DEEP Platform - audio rooms service. What is it? You can listen and you can read it ))

Clubhouse is a voice-based social network. It was launched last year, but now that Ilon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and other famous personalities have joined the club one by one, Clubhouse has rapidly gained momentum, and with it its audience. Within just a few days this network rocketed to the top of the startup charts, the number of users grew to 3 million, and the value of the company went from 100 million to 1 billion! Today, Clubhouse already has over 77 million registered users.

Although this social network only offers audio, its popularity is not surprising. There are quite a few people who prefer live communication, without montage and cameras, when you can hear each other's moods. Intrigue and value of Clubhouse adds closeness - admission is by invitation only.

We could not get past this phenomenon and, of course, we have a similar functionality, which we want to talk about today. This is the mechanism of audio meetings.
It's very simple: you don't need any extra preparation, you go to the event website and you get into a room where you can communicate by voice. I would like to note that we have two advantages over Clubhouse:
Clubhouse has a limit of 5,000 people in a room; we ve got an unlimited number of participants.
Clubhouse prohibits recording of discussions, on DEEP Platform you can do it.

For which tasks audio rooms are applicable:
trainings, workshops, seminars - quickly and without preparation, no need for a studio, you can attach slides and videos for visualization
Quest-rooms, riddles, tasks - no expenses for props
corporate radio, karaoke, excursions
"smoking rooms" (although we are against smoking) - you can go to the audio room during a break in the online broadcast to chat with colleagues and share your impressions
We invite you to try the audio meeting format as well, which has proven to be just as informative and functional as video meetings, which we also have in our online event platform.

And we continue to monitor interesting trends in the industry, social networks and communications, and we implement the best and most effective in our platform, so that it meets not only modern requirements, but also trends in fashion - this also applies to technology. So we not only make it reliable and versatile, but also beautiful.

In search of new phenomena, your DEEP Platform team